trouble encoding with libavcodec

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trouble encoding with libavcodec

Kyle Mallory-2
I am in something of a bind.  I am writing a FFMPEG plugin for a
professional, high-end NLE application, running on Linux.  The decoder
seems to be pretty robust, with the ability to compare the visual clips
in the NLE with the output of ffplay, etc.  However, on the encoder
side, where the frames are originating with the application, I am unable
to do comparisons between ffmpeg encode options, and libavcodec options.

The problem I'm having is that the files that I am encoding are less
than reliable.  About 60% of the time, something I encode will play back
with recognizable video, but with errors such as color noise, green
artifacts, etc.  With some codecs, I get an immediate SIGSEGV, or other

I'm trying to find the best way to debug these issues, but I'm not
having much luck.  Ultimately, I'm trying to find a way to continue to
work on this project, and get it running, realizing I'm a lone tree in a
desert, isolated by this commercial application.

Also worth noting, is that I'm running an old FFMPEG/libav*.  Since its
a commercial application, I am resolved to using the latest distribution
build as my base requirements.  Using the latest version made things run
a little more smoothly, but still not perfect.

I've written a handful of routines as a basic API around libav*, to help
in my development and testing, so I can validate results without the
need for the commercial application, but it has only gotten me so far.

I'd like to post the API and test routines, and see if anyone else has
problems, or can review the code for issues.  It's about 1200 lines,
spread over about 5 files (including headers).  The API is fairly light,
and tailored to my needs, but should be immediately usable by others.  I
am willing to release the API source as Open Source for others to
utilize and share.

What is the best way to post/share/contribute such a thing?

Kyle Mallory

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