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Alex Grantcharov
I followed the instructions per the posting, seems pretty smooth. I used
10000Kb/s bitrate, 720x480, x264 and aac options.

I have been trying to create .mov files using Kino, but even with the new
version of ffmpeg (not the default one I had on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon) did not
create any files with ffmpeg / h264. I can't really tell the difference in
quality on my monitor between the .mov file and the file created using
Kino/ffmpeg2theora. Original mindDV file size 802Mb; .mov file 256Mb, .ogg file
128Mb - I suspect due to the higher bitrate (10000Kb vs 5-6000Kb/s). I will try
to see if there would be such a difference on my 60' HDTV.

I have a miniDV camera with the best resolution of 720x480. A new HD camcorder
is on the way (Canon HV20) and I expect to have a TVIX 6500A network media
player sometime in Jan/Feb 08, so I plan to test the script on my new HD home
videos and report the results.

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