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Since my first post I made progress

I try to send rtmp stream from my single pc to a red5 based server
Using wifi and distant internet connection

Option 1:
  My command line is : ffmpeg -i %f_in% %cmdline% %f_out%
     $f_in     =  macula1.vob
     $cmdline  =  -f flv  -b:v 400k -an
     f_out     =  "rtmp://video-utl.univ-evry.fr/oflaDemo/live"    
     The results are :  there are succesive connection,
      few datas has been transfered but seems not completed
      with : av_interleaved_write_frame() error
  I cannot complete even if ffmpeg is not requested to perform encoding but
  only copy already encoded files
Second option
  same rtmp and app values  

  Using Flash Media Live Encoder from adobe   (FMLE)
  All  is fine without error and I can perform live encoding
  using from my PC videos , performs encoding and readback over
  performing a live video conference brodcast

Conclusion (from an non expert) it seems rtmp protocols is not undestood
  by red5 server .

Is there any changes I can made on the server ?
Do you have any advices , can I some help ?
Do you want the full datas (details) logs,  I can gives you all  



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