how to use new ffmpeg NVEnc options airing from Nvidia Video SDK 10

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how to use new ffmpeg NVEnc options airing from Nvidia Video SDK 10

Hello.   Seeking clarification from some kind soul(s) on how to use ffmpeg's new NVEnc encoder options arising from use of the Nvidia Video SDK 10.

I notice  with delight four new patches to do with Nvidia NVEnc and Video SDK 10.;a=commit;h=3223f6b32d5d60c73b1e14475d4751770ae9344d;a=commit;h=9115d7722205590b8601d87146087f3559d29d54

But I don’t know how to use it, now.  So, a few queries ...

1. What's the difference between profile options
slow, P7, and hq ?
i.e. which is the "best" quality (some all say hq and a couple also say multi-pass eg 2-pass) ?
I can’t easily locate any documentation.

2. How to combine and use the new options separately and/or in combination, to achieve "best" quality ?

2(a) h.264:;a=blobdiff;f=libavcodec/nvenc_h264.c;h=0c1a32178c71aff4c46f1e014218cfa757be5bbe;hp=e973e9ee92dd3293a65fcfcec4e18093a06f6895;hb=9115d7722205590b8601d87146087f3559d29d54;hpb=f3dc38a186b2326ce03e50969897ea703817ddb0
i.e. multipass, fullres, etc

2(b) hevc:;a=blobdiff;f=libavcodec/nvenc_hevc.c;h=074975f78a73bd1e0acf0560e16c17e7064da991;hp=a90dd51f5f5da865d496742b834320be7bc09dd8;hb=9115d7722205590b8601d87146087f3559d29d54;hpb=f3dc38a186b2326ce03e50969897ea703817ddb0

i.e. which of the new options to use/combine/discard to maximize quality per the old h.264 options:
-preset slow
-2pass 1
-rc:v vbr_hq

I am guessing some options are deprecated/superseded but do not know which ones.

3. Does this change mean -multiPass is only used for hevc ?  
NV_ENC_MULTI_PASS               multiPass;                                    /**< [in]: This flag is used to enable multi-pass encoding for a given ::NV_ENC_PARAMS_RC_MODE. This flag is not valid for H264 and HEVC MEOnly mode */

4. Is there a table a table ranking of options for quality/speed so the user can choose which preset/options to use ?

5. Is there a link to an NVIDIA table showing models of cards vs "nvenc features enabled In ffmpeg" and what the target objectives are for each option ?


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