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[ffmpeg-user] Cross compiling to windows CE

Roberto Garrido Martín
Hi there!

I'm trying to build ffmpeg on the Windows CE platform. I'm following some
threads in the Iternet, but none of them seem to have been solved...
I've downloaded the CeGCC compiler and I put it in my mSYS directory.

When I try to configure ffmpeg with this command:

./configure --cross-compile \
--cross-prefix=/opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/bin/ --arch=armv4l \
--enable-memalign-hack --disable-ipv6 --prefix=/usr/local/wince \
--log=yes --disable-encoders --disable-decoders --disable-parsers \
--disable-muxers --disable-demuxers --enable-parser=h263 \
--enable-encoder=h263 --enable-decoder=h263 --enable-muxer=h263 \
--enable-demuxer=h263 --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay \
--disable-ffmpeg --disable-network

I got the next message:
/opt/cegcc/arm-wince-cegcc/bin/gcc is unable to create an executable file.
C compiler test failed.
If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
version from SVN.  If the latest version fails, report the problem to the
[hidden email] mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on irc.freenode.net.
Include the log file "config.err" produced by configure as this will help
solving the problem.

Anyone knows anything about it?
Thanks a lot in advance,
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