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ffmpeg mkv vs mkvextract

I've encountered a problem with matroska files containing AVC1 video that have
been created by ffmpeg.

By default these files don't contain a CodecPrivate element and trying to
extract the elementary H.264 stream from the mkv file with mkvextract gives me
the following error:

Error: Track 1 with the CodecID 'V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC' is missing the "codec private"
element and cannot be extracted.

I then have tried it with the ffmpeg "-vglobal 1" option and indeed a
CodecPrivate element has been added. But now mkvextract tells me that:

Error: Track 1: nal too big

Is it okay for ffmpeg not to add the CodecPrivate element by default? When told
to add it, does something go wrong or does mkvextract complain wrongfully?
I'm a little confused and don't really know who's to blame: ffmpeg or mkvextract.


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