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ffmpeg in BlackFin processor

Felipe Portavales Goldstein
Hi all,

Is there anybody here who ported or compiled the ffmpeg to the Analog
Devices Blackfin processor ?

I want to make an standalone application able to decode h264 streams
in a blackfin cpu.

I downloaded the most recent ffmpeg from svn.
I am using the bfin-elf-gcc, (able to produce standalone binary applications)
And then changed the ./configure parameters to compile with it.

It compiles ok, but when it is linking I get lots of messages like:

.../ffmpeg/libavutil/mathematics.c:79: undefined reference to `___muldi3'
.../ffmpeg/libavutil/mathematics.c:67: undefined reference to `___divdi3'
.../ffmpeg/libavutil/mathematics.c:67: undefined reference to `___muldi3'

Please, any help is welcome.


Felipe Portavales Goldstein <portavales at gmail>
Undergraduate Student - IC-UNICAMP
Computer Systems Laboratory
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