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ffmpeg : Record and preview at the same time

Fabrice GOLHEN
Hello I'm on a project around a Rpi and a webcam with micro USB under

I correctly save the video and sound in a file:
ffmpeg -y -f alsa -i hw: 1 -itsoffset 0.5 -i / dev / video0 -vcodec
h264_omx -b: v 2M output-dev-video2-omx.mkv

I visualize correctly in real time what points the webcam (I do not need
the audio) on this preview:
ffmpeg -i / dev / video0 -f avi -codec copy pipe: 1 | ffplay -i blowjob: 0

-> by cons I can not conceive a line: recording in a file, with sound,
and at the same time see on my screen what my webcam is filming, a
preview in a way.

thank you,

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