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ffmpeg ProRes HQ Output Color Differences

Mark Scott
I'm very new to ffmpeg and encoding video using command lines, so I
don't understand all terminology. My input file is a 10-bit 4:2:2
uncompressed .mov. When I encode a ProRes 422 HQ.mov file with ffmpeg,
the outputs colors are noticeably different when I compare them using
Quicktime player on my mac. But if I compare them using VLC player the
colors match. The strange thing is If I use older software (episode)
to do the conversion, The colors match on both Quicktime player and
also on VLC. I'm trying to understand what is different with the
ffmpeg output. I'm attaching screenshots of the VLC inspector windows
for each file. One thing I noticed is on the file encoded with the old
episode software, the window shows color space information. On the
file encoded with ffmpeg, no color space info is shown on the
inspector window. We produce commercials for TV broadcast so I need to
make sure the colors are correct. Is there something I should add to
my command line?

This is my command line:
ffmpeg -i TEST.mov -c:v prores -profile:v 3 -acodec pcm_s24le TEST_ProResHQ.mov

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