Usage of scte35 attributes in ext-x-daterange tag

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Usage of scte35 attributes in ext-x-daterange tag

kumar vikram

I have come across some issues while working with EXT-X-DATERANGE tag. Date
range tag has some attributes SCTE35-CMD, SCTE35-OUT, SCTE35-IN which are
related to splicing.

If I understand correctly, splicing is used in TS streams for inserting
transport streams on transport packet boundaries; So from hls point of
view, do you think we need to take any explicit action which may be
required by demutiplexer/decoder(e.g. SCTE35-CMD attr value)?

Moreover I believe that in case EXT-X-DATERANGE tag is encountered, hls
needs to specify discontinuity to continue the playback of ads. But in
case  EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with SCTE35 attributes, since the stream is
already prepared in such a way using splicing that it is more like a
continuous bitstream, even discontinuity is not needed. Correct me if I am

Can you please sugegst what can be the usage for SCTE35-CMD, SCTE35-OUT,
SCTE35-IN attributes in HLS?
Thanking you in advance

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