Request: Parse some missing metadata for WAV file

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Request: Parse some missing metadata for WAV file

yas tam

I posted about the bug that AIFF doesn't export ReplayGgain tag the other

It was solved with the help of Moritz. His patch for the following post.

I have one more request.
WAV files seem to export only part of metadata.
FFmpeg has not been able to export album_artist, composer, ReplayGain info,
etc of WAV files.
Could you modify it to support metadata that can not be exported from WAV
source code: libavformat/wavdec.c
input method: wav_read_header(AVFormatContext *s)

The following is the actual input information of AIFF and WAV.
Innocence.aiff : aiff_input_fix_export_replaygain_version.txt
    * Input of AIFF by FFmpeg which applied the patch of ReplayGain of AIFF
Innocence.wav : wav_input_by_ffmpeg4.1.1.txt
    * Input of WAV by FFmpeg 4.1.1

I attach a screenshot showing the metadata of each file by Qoobar app. (
Innocence.aiff : Innocence.aiff_tag_info.png
Innocence.wav : Innocence.wav_tag_info.png

I uploaded music files that has used for confirmation below.

Kind Regards

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aiff_input_fix_export_replaygain_version.txt (3K) Download Attachment
wav_input_by_ffmpeg4.1.1.txt (2K) Download Attachment
Innocence.wav_tag_info.png (139K) Download Attachment
Innocence.aiff_tag_info.png (141K) Download Attachment