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Problem with time-lapse


I'm trying to automate time-lapse video from still images. I have all sky
camera that captures around 200 images / night. I've managed to do videos
like this

However what i'm looking for is for smoother video. Is it possible with

I've tried to clone every image 30 times etc but still fail to get good
results. I've tried to search ffmpeg man pages and the web but no success.

I use python script to automate the whole process. so below is some option
ive tried

os.system('ffmpeg -i ' + workdir2 + '%d.jpg  -vf '
'"tblend=average,framestep=1,setpts=0.50*PTS,minterpolate"'  + ' -r 30 -b:v
64K -crf 10 -an ' + destinationdir + videofile)
os.system('ffmpeg -r 30 -i ' + workdir2 + '%d.jpg -vcodec mpeg4 -qscale 1
-y -filter:v '" setpts=2.0*PTS"' ' + destinationdir + videofile)

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