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Mark Filipak
Hi All,

Does anyone have an actual NTSC broadcast stream they can share? I need one for my investigations of
frames & fields.

Much Thanks in Advance,
COVID-19 perspective, 0AM UTC, 2 July 2020.
The U.S. is 4% of world population, 26% of cases, 25% of deaths.
U.S. mortality: Of 1,295,478 resolved cases, 90% recovered, 10% died.
22 January: The U.S. & S.Korea reported 1st cases on the same day.
6 March: The U.S. (pop: 331 million) had done 2000, 7-day tests.
6 March: S.Korea (pop: 51 million) had done 140,000, 4-hour tests.
16 March, deaths per million population: U.S. 264, S.Korea 5.
12 May: U.S. death count passed total cases that China ever had.
1 June: Nursing home deaths: U.S. 26,000 to 40,000, S.Korea zero.
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