Low FPS and upload speeds after Windows Update

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Low FPS and upload speeds after Windows Update

Michael Shaffer
I'm streaming from an ip camera to youtube live. Windows 10 installed some
update when I had to reboot. Now ffmpeg only does about 15fps and the
upload bandwidth seems limited to 6000kbps. I've tried with a couple
different ip cameras and it's the same. I also tried with the newest
version of ffmpeg. I tried streaming with OBS studio and it was also
throttled. I ran a program called TCP Optimizer and it fixed OBS studio.
However ffmpeg still seems throttled. The only reason I'm using Windows is
I need the GPU for the defog and I haven't tried installing the Nvidia
drivers on Ubuntu yet. My Ubuntu computer can stream the camera fine, so
it's not an internet connection speed. I tried several fixes I found online
but still ffmpeg only sends about 15fps and 6000kbps.

Any ideas?

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