Issue when retrieving stream metadata with ffprobe

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Issue when retrieving stream metadata with ffprobe

Hello All,

ffprobe does not seem to be able to retrieve all the metadata entries within a container.

I am using ffmpeg version 4.1 for MS Windows (build 20181017).

My purpose was to give names to the 2 subtitle streams (mov_text) of my movie.

Therefore, I did it like this :

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 \
  -c copy \
  -map 0:v:0 -map 0:a:0 -map 0:s:0 -map 0:s:1 \
  -metadata:s:s:0 "title=Short version" \
  -metadata:s:s:1 "title=Full version" \

Then, I issued the following command to check the result of the previous one :

ffprobe -show_streams OUTPUT.mp4

The ffprobe command did NOT retrieve the titles of the subpictures.
I tried several other ffprobe options but none of them retrieved the titles.

However, I am sure that this metadata is stored somewhere because VLC Software
from Videolan do DISPLAY it correctly in its Subtitles menu.

How can I retrieve this data using ffprobe ?

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