Issue on flickering on packaging side

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Issue on flickering on packaging side

Vasanth M.Vasanth
Hi ,

We are new for ffmpeg and did some live streaming for IPTV . Now we are moving to production while packaging side getting problem on it . Transcoding working well. Using multicast to get stream input  to one server transcoded then send to packager(another server ) .Problem was getting flickering when streaming in any devices and getting million of continuity counter error  .we tested in networking side also whether packet loss or not that one also fine .we are struck on this stage .any one please suggest me ?

Transcoding :

ffmpeg -i udp://x.x.x.x.:7116?fifo_size=25000000&overrun_nonfatal=0&buffer_size=50000000&localaddr=   -f mpegts udp://y.y.y.y:6808?localaddr=

Packaging :

ffmpeg -i udp://y.y.y.y:6808?fifo_size=25000000&overrun_nonfatal=1&buffer_size=50000000&localaddr=  -map 0:p:1:3 -map 0:p:1:4 -c copy /var/www/html/Live/test.mp4

Sample screenshot Flickering

Thanks & Regards


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