FFMPEG Bash script to create H.264/MPEG-4 files

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FFMPEG Bash script to create H.264/MPEG-4 files

Phill Clarke
I've spent some time putting together a Bash script for creating H.264 and
MPEG-4 files, using x264 and xvid codecs, with FFMPEG.

The script takes you through a few questions such as output filename, output
container video codec, height, width, bitrate, audio codec, cropping
requirements etc

You should just be able to follow the user prompts. Some are multiple
choice, some you have to type things in.

The script is located here:


Copy and past this into a text document saved somewhere locally. For the
sake of this post, let's call the file "kapitaltranscode" without an

Give the file execution permissions:

chmod 755 kapitaltranscode

Move the file to your path for ease of execution later:

mv kapitaltranscode /usr/bin

You can then execute the script simply by typing "kapitaltranscode" at your
terminal prompt.

You will need to specify an input video. So usage is:

kapitaltranscode video_name.avi

There's a couple of other things you need to know.

Obviously this script depends on FFMPEG having been build in such a way as
to allow X264 and xVid transcoding. This is how I did it on Debian Etch:


Within the FFMPEG Tools directory (/ffmpeg/tools) is a qt-faststart file.
You'll need to make this separately:

make qt-faststart

For the script to work this file needs to have execute permissions and also
be in your user path. See the commands above regarding how to do this with
the script itself.

qt-faststart allows for a QuickTime file to be played back over the Internet
as a Progressive Download file. That is, it will start playing before the
whole file has been downloaded. This option will only appear in the script
if you've chosen a mov or mp4 container.

That's pretty much it. The script isn't very attractive. I could have
written it much nicer using functions I guess. Initially I wrote it only for
my own use and creating x264 QuickTime mov files with aac audio. So, this is
the output that has been most extensively tested.

It's up to you, the user, to choose audio codecs that work with your video
codec choices. There's no checking of this in the script. For example, the
script lets you choose aac audio with an avi file container, which produces
only silence.

I'd really like feedback. Is this a useful script? What else could be added
to it? More formats perhaps? I didn't include Ogg Theora, because there is
already ffmpeg2theora. But I'm happy to include it if it's a useful
addition. There's no aspect ratio conversion, but it could be added. Can my
ffmpeg execution be improved?

Thanks and good luck!
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