Encoding settings for constant decoding complexity

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Encoding settings for constant decoding complexity

Hello Rich, thanks for your answer

It's a 233Mhz PII. It's true my graphic card seems limited : Neomagic 2160 (also
called MagicGraph 128XD) with only 2Mb RAM.
I'm using Xorg driver with h/w acceleration. But driver's documentation precises
display acceleration is supported up to 16 bit, not in 24 bit colors.
Monitoring with top, I can see MPlayer using around 65% CPU and Xorg 33%
If I start Xorg with -depth 16 option, Xorg descends to 28%. Would it be useful
to encode my video in 16 bit colors, (if it isn't already the case :) ? If so,
how to do it ? (the TFT displays 262,144 colors)

Audio is 64kbps CBR stereo MPEG1/2.

Why NEVER decrease framerate ? Isn't 24->18fps conversion pulling out 1 frame
every 4 frames ?
In case of 30 fps source, isn't the power loss to decode 30 fps worse than the
saving for decoding more complex 18 frame/s (even newly formed frames are
calculated, thus there s a loss of quality) ?

I understand your advice on not using qscale=1, especially if bitrate is quite
the same as 'complexity'
What tool do you recommend me to visualize graphically bitrate variation in
a file ?

Yes I use Windows for encoding. No there's no problem with it, output file is
well formed.
I don't know what else to add on the command. (MP4 codec is automatically chosen
because of .avi output filename extension.) What would you recommend ?


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