Encoding MP4 with variable bitrate?

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Encoding MP4 with variable bitrate?

Hi all,

I'm encoding h264 content with libx264 and variable bitrate (qmin = qmax
= 28). This works very well, e.g., a music video where the video only
consists of a "slide show" is encoded at a very low bitrate.

I'm now trying to achieve the same for regular mp4 encoding using
ffmpeg -i $input -acodec libfaac -ac 1 -ar 22050 -ab 64kb -f mp4 -s
320x240 -qmin 7 -qmax 7 -qdiff 4 converted/$output

This works, however the size differences between a music video with just
a slide show as video and a regular music video are much less than for
libx264. The above ffmpeg command line doesn't seem to effectively
reduce the bitrate when the video only consists of still images. Can
anyone help me?

Many thanks,

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