Converting mkv to mpg - audio out of sync

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Converting mkv to mpg - audio out of sync

James Thorne
I am trying to convert 720p mkv files with dts or ac3 audio to mpeg2 with
ac3 in an mpg container for TivoHD.  Using a comand line of:

ffmpeg.exe  -threads 2 -i video.720p.DTS.x264.mkv -vcodec mpeg2video -qscale
1.2 -maxrate 17Mi -bufsize 1024k -vsync 2 -acodec ac3 -ab 320k -ac 6 -ar
48000 video.HD.mpg

The resulting .mpg file has ac3 audio but its several SECONDS out of sync
and gets worse as the file plays.  The original .mkv file plays fine using
mpc and coreavc.

What am I doing wrong or should I be using a different software for this
conversion?  Currently using SVN r11143, Dec. 3 build.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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