55-Telecine, 2020-04-26 Status Report

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55-Telecine, 2020-04-26 Status Report

Mark Filipak
55-Telecine, 2020-04-26 Status Report

55-Telecine for Blu-ray Movies.

55-Telecine works wonderfully for transcoding M2TS movies (for superior display on 60Hz TVs)
provided that the M2TS streams don't have subtitles and/or are short. I reckon that the limitations
are due to mishandling of subtitle time stamps by the 'interleave' filter -- I remember reading that
subtitle packets can span GOPs, and 'interleave' may be assigning bogus PTSs to fragments. The issue
is under investigation (https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/8626 -- the ticket's title, "pp=linblenddeint
failure", is stale and no longer applies). The 'interleave' problem prevents me putting 55-telecine
into general use for Blu-ray movies.

55-Telecine for DVD Movies.

Since Blu-ray M2TSs are closely related to DVD VOBs, one might logically suspect that an
'interleave' filter problem would manifest for DVDs, too. Unfortunately, an individual VOB is too
small to test whether individual VOBs are also mishandled. I tried to concatenate VOBs to assemble
entire DVD movies but, unfortunately, running 'MPlayer -dumpstream' to do the assembly (as was
recommended) doesn't work properly. The 'MPlayer -dumpstream' problem prevents me putting
55-telecine into general use for DVD movies.

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